Orthopaedic Trauma Specialist in Shivajinagar

What is Musculoskeletal / Orthopedic Trauma?

Orthopedic trauma is any severe injury to the bones, joints, and/or soft tissue that is caused by an external source. These injuries are often the result of a sudden incident, such as a car accident or fall, but not always. Trauma can also be caused by overuse – for example, running long distances is a common cause of tibial stress fractures and small hairline cracks in the lower leg. Dr. Hrishikesh Patkar is a renowned Orthopaedic Trauma Specialist in Shivaji Nagar, Pune. 

The definition of orthopedic trauma is broad because it encompasses a spectrum of injuries, from simple hairline fractures to life-threatening accidents. While there are many different types of traumatic orthopedic injuries, the goal of surgeons who specialize in this area is the same – to restore the function of the injured body part(s) as quickly and effectively as possible. Dr. Hrishikesh Patkar is amongst the Best Trauma Surgeon in Shivaji Nagar, Pune who is specialized in Orthopedic Trauma Surgery.

Common Causes of Orthopedic Trauma

Most often, traumatic orthopedic injuries are caused by:

  • Falling
  • Being involved in a car or motorcycle accident
  • Physical violence
  • Being injured while playing a sport (basketball and football have the highest number of orthopedic injuries)
  • Natural disasters

When to See an Orthopaedic Trauma Specialist

Sometimes, orthopedic trauma is immediately obvious. Life-threatening injuries, such as protruding bones, require an immediate trip to the emergency room where an orthopedic surgeon will get to work right away.Other times, orthopedic trauma is not life-threatening, but still requires specialized care.

Some of the most common injuries that are most effectively treated by an orthopedic trauma specialist are:

  • Closed fractures (The broken bone that doesn’t break the skin)
  • Open fractures (The broken bone that does break the skin)
  • Stress fractures (Small, hairline crack in the bone caused by overuse)
  • Dislocation (A joint forced out of position)
  • Overuse injuries

While your primary care doctor or local urgent care clinic may be able to treat some of these injuries, it’s a good idea to see an expert. Orthopedic surgeons have advanced knowledge of the musculoskeletal system – some specialize even further, focusing on only one area of the body, such as the knees, hands, or feet.

Fortunately, you don’t need to worry about going to the wrong doctor – your primary or urgent care doctor will refer you to an orthopedic specialist if need be.

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